Buying and Selling in Kings Contrivance

Are you selling property in the Village of Kings Contrivance?

  1. You or your real estate agent needs to come to Amherst House to purchase HOA documents for Columbia Association and Kings Contrivance Community Association. The total for all the documents is $15.00. If you live in a condominium or town home, you will need to contact that association as well to see if they have documents.
  2. While here at Amherst House, fill out a letter of compliance request form. This form can be mailed to Amherst House or emailed to Once received, the covenant advisor will visit your property to make sure that no unapproved alterations have been made and that there are no maintenance violations. If all is in order, the covenant advisor will send a copy of the letter of compliance to your agent and to you. If the property has unapproved alterations, they will be listed on the letter of non compliance and the covenant advisor will include information on how to apply for the changes. (Please refer to Architectual Review Process for information on the architectural application process.) Any maintenance issues will also be listed in the letter of non compliance. Once the violations have been corrected, call the covenant advisor and she will revisit your property to issue a new letter. Remember: The letter of compliance is only for the exterior of your home. We recommend that you request this letter several weeks before closing to allow time for the covenant advisor to visit your property and to allow time to apply for unapproved alterations and to fix any maintenance violations. If you live in a townhome or condominium, you need to contact your townhome or condo HOA to request their letter of compliance (if they have one) in addition to the village’s letter.

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