Tot Lots

The Village of Kings Contrivance has the following 29 tot lots:
Huntington (and Huntington East)
KC1 Moving Water Lane
KC2 Murray Hill Drive
KC3 Sea Shadow
KC4 Deep Smoke
KC5 Corntassel Court
KC6 Sea Shadow 2
KC7 Lady Bug Row
KC8 Keepsake Way
KC9 White Spring Way
KC10 Indigo Court
KC11 Many Flower Lane
KC12 Wilde Grass Court
KC13 Huntington East (Red Jacket Way)

KC14 Midas Touch
KC15 New Grace Mews
KC16 Yellow Bonnet
KC17 First League
KC18 Kindler Road
KC19 second Time Lane
KC29 Blue Sea Drive

Macgill’s Common
KC20 Way Over Way
KC21 Cape Ann Drive
KC22 Shaker Drive
KC23 Goodin Circle
KC24 Deer Chase
KC25 Fair Beauty
KC26 Cotton Mill Lane
KC27 Rawhide Ridge
KC28 Magcill's Common Pool

If you observe any maintenance issues on Columbia’s open space, pathways, tot lots, or on CA owned property behind your home, call Amherst House to report the problem. The staff will send the work request to CA’s Land Management Crew. If you leave your contact information, you will be updated on the status of the work request.

If you have an emergency while at a tot lot, call 911 and give the operator the tot lot number which is on a sign in front of each tot lot. This number gives emergency responders your exact location.

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