Condominium and Townhome Associations

Neighborhood of Dickinson

Wood Valley—Townhomes (Streets: Early April Way, Skyrock Court, Moving Water Lane)

Clocktower Crossing and Fallswood—Townhomes (Street: Clocktower Lane)

The Hideaway—Townhomes (Streets: Rainleaf Court, Softwater Way, Summer Park Court)

Murray Hill—Townhomes (Streets: Rainflower Way, Summer Blossom Lane)

Springs Breeze—Townhomes (Streets: Early Spring Way, Sea Shadow)

Stonebrook—Townhomes (Streets: Stonebrook Lane)

Stoneridge—Townhomes (Streets: Setting Sun Way)

Kings Gate--Condominium (Streets: Eden Brook Drive, Sweet Hours Way)

The Pines--Condominium (Streets: Sweet Hours Way, Weather Worn Way)

Macgill’s Common

Remember: If you live in one of the above, you are subject to the covenants of the condominium/townhome association as well as the covenants of the Village of Kings Contrivance. Before making changes to your property, contact both associations. When selling your property, request HOA documents from both associations. If your association is not listed above, then you live on an outparcel and are not part of the Village of Kings Contrivance or subject to our covenants.

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