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Kings Contrivance is located on historic land originally owned by the Reverend James Macgill, the first rector of Christ Church located on Oakland Mills Road. An 18th century residence built on the property burned down and was rebuilt in the 19th century. That house was the boyhood home of Howard County Circuit Court Judge James Macgill. It was converted to a restaurant in 1962. The restaurant gave the village its name.

Macgill's Common, the first village neighborhood, was named for the Reverend Macgill on whose farm it rests. The streets in the neighborhood take their names from "The Folk Songs of North America," compiled by Alan Lomax. The street names in Huntington are taken primarily from the works of Carl Sandburg. Dickinson is the first neighborhood in Columbia named for a woman, American poet Emily Dickinson. Its street names are taken from her work.

Amherst House, the lovely community center and home of the Kings Contrivance Community Association, is in the Dickinson neighborhood and was named for the home of Emily Dickinson, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Kings Contrivance Restaurant:

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